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Big Country Comics

Extinction: Remastered Part 1- Mike Rooth Variant

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Dr Chris Perry has spent his adulthood dealing with the dead. A brilliant pathologist with no bedside manner, his position at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital afforded him the perfect working environment. To practice medicine with patients that never complained.

 When a virus swept across the globe wiping out 90% of life, his quiet life was interrupted. Despite the death and destruction, some of the infected didn't die. Instead they were transformed into something more sinister.

Chris must find a cure for the disease before a madman and his arm invade Chris' haven on Prince Edward Island, Canada and harvest the uninfected population as cattle.



  •  Population Pre-Incident: 104,402
  •  Population Post-Incident: 11,000 Infected / 3,000 Uninfected
  •  Area: 5,684 km2 (2,195 sq mi)
  •  Motto: Parva sub Ingenti ( The Small Protected by the Great)

Prince Edward Island, Canada, the smallest province in the nation (in both land area and population) is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the east coast between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. With moderately cold winters and warm, but rarely uncomfortable summers, it was once a destination for many tourists and beach lovers alike.

Prior to the incident and its effects, the island had two urban areas. The largest surrounds Charlottetown Harbor, situated on the island's southern shore and consists of the capital city Charlottetown and suburban towns of Cornwall and Stratford. The uninfected have turned this area into their safe haven.

Protecting the town and its residents from bandits and the infected that have lost control has become a serious issue. While the island is easily accessible if you have a boat or small plane the Confederation Bridge is the only road on which to travel by car of on foot. Prior to the incident, the eight mile long bridge served as a fixed link between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Now, this bridge serves as the first line of defense for the uninfected and a path of hope for the infected.


Expected Release 15 September 2020.