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RELEASE - 06/23/21

(W/A) Run (CA)Mike Rooth
The NETFLIX distributed hit movie by Studio 4°C (Batman: Gotham Knight, The Animatrix) comes to comics with an over-sized #1 event! Jump in the unique world created by legendary artist Run following Angelino and his flaming-skull pal Vinz, who live in a gang and cockroach infested dystopian metropolis called DMC, a city that hides secrets even weirder than its inhabitants.
All CGC options will come with a FREE limited edition short print signed by Mike Rooth! This print is the size of a normal comic cover and will contain both covers as 1 picture as Mike drew it. All small prints will ship in a bag and board.

All raw purchases will ship in a ComicShield to help secure safe shipping as these sets are thick books.

  • Connecting Set - LTD 400
  • CBCS options 9.8 guaranteed Fast track of BOTH covers
  • Metal covers LTD 25! - Guaranteed 9.6+ CGC Yellow label remarked and signed by Mike Rooth himself with matching hand serial on both covers
Shipping: Raws 10-20  Business Days (could be sooner however depends when we receive our shipment)
Shipping: CBCS blue labels 6-10 weeks 
Shipping: CBCS yellow labels 8-12 weeks (raw autos and remarks)
Shipping: Metal CGC yellow labels 15-18 weeks 

Books are guaranteed to be 9.2+ condition. We DO NOT guarantee books to be 9.8 conditions. 
CBCS option Blue - All books will be fast tracked and will add an additional 6-10 weeks.
CBCS option Yellow- All books will be fast tracked and will add an additional 8-12 weeks.
CGC option Yellow for metals - All books will be fast tracked and shipped to Mike Rooth for signing. Additional 3 weeks for metals to be created with CGC wait time. Estimate 15 - 18 weeks

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